We’re stronger when we’re together.

You’re committed to walking the My Pilgrimage road to redemption, but can you really find true freedom just by yourself?

Are you all that you need?

Or don’t you need someone else on this journey? A group of people to help you make the most of every step?

“I’m about half way through the small group experience. It is critical to my pilgrimage and has elevated my engagement with the process. It has been very helpful to hear from other real men. I’m not yet free, but on my way, and for the first time in years I have a hope that it is possible.”


“Really enjoying the journey with other men – the community is such a healing container. Thanks.”


“I am so thankful to God for this Pilgrimage with all you guys. The very fact that we [have a place to] share-even the crap that hurts, is a sign that God is working and winning.”


“I have been waiting for something like this for along time. Thank you LORD for the answer to my prayer.”


“Great book, but impact would be lost on me without the group experience. It is exactly that, a pilgrimage, and the hope I now have has come from sharing with a fine group of men. Thanks for the opportunity!”




Small Groups are what you need to maximize your My Pilgrimage experience.

It’s a group of men who are all walking the same pilgrimage you are, who are all using the same materials as you. You meet together online every week. It’s all completely safe and confidential, and it will take your My Pilgrimage experience into the stratosphere.

Pick your group. Pick your time. Share your struggles. Find individual freedom.


There’s nothing like the power of groups meeting together, and there’s also nothing like Small Groups Online out there right now, an online small group that uses only the principles found in My Pilgrimage.


You can keep trying to do things your way, and you can keep getting the same negative results.

You can keep being your own boss and keep isolating yourself and keep feeling shame and guilt at all those wasted steps. That’s an option, sure.

Or you can finally find the freedom that comes from putting the My Pilgrimage experience to its fullest potential. Working together with other people just like you, who are all going through the same material as you – there’s nothing like it. It’s powerful. It’s inspiring. It’s what you need, and it will change your life for the better. Forever.

Sign up for a group today!



*If you are interested in leading a small group please apply HERE.