You’ve never known freedom like this before.

It’s time to think differently about pornography.

A New Way of Thinking

What if you’ve been thinking about porn all wrong? Now you can think more clearly and deeply about it.

A New Way of Interacting

Chances are you’ve been interacting incorrectly with your own soul. Now you can learn how to find your true, most honest, deepest self.

A New Way of LIVING

It’s time to ditch the “battle” against porn, temptation, depression, and anxiety, and embrace a new way to live: with a redemption you can truly feel.

“This disruptive program demands a new reading of the illusions related to how we find life and offers the immense promise that facing our heartache also offers the mystery of joy.”

Dan B. Allender Ph.D

“Thanks for a new outlook, thanks for at least a little less cloud and depression and confusion on the daily. I wish I could think of something better to say than just thanks, but there really aren't words for this freedom.”


learn at your own pace

My Pilgrimage is a three-module approach to finding freedom from pornography and masturbation. It starts with upending everything you thought you knew and ends with complete and total freedom. This book, guidebook, and video curriculum will change everything.



• Watch and see the transformation of other men on their Pilgrimage.
• Listen and hear the stories of freedom from shame and despair.
• Be encouraged by raw, uncut and unscripted conversation about the journey to freedom in action.



• How to think of breaking addiction as more than a losing battle.
• The truth about desire (and how desire is not the problem).
• The single most effective way to find freedom from bondage to pornography.


• Experience guided teaching, journaling, prayer and meditation.
• Discover what it actually means to "be still and know that I am God."
• Walk through your struggles with pornography, temptation, depression and anxiety.

You want to be completely free. You’ve tried everything else, and nothing has worked over the long-term. Now it’s time to quit trying and start doing.

You can stay stuck. You can keep “battling” yourself. You can live in a mental and spiritual war zone for the rest of your life, always fighting—winning some and losing some—until the day you die.

You can make it through life that way, but can you really live?


See what a life of true freedom can be. A redemption that you don’t just know in your mind but that you also feel in your very being.

It’s available to you. That lifelong journey of peace and freedom starts with a simple step.

We’ll see you on the road.

Seth Taylor



I’m the author of Feels Like Redemption and the My Pilgrimage guidebook. I suffered as a porn addict for seven years, which was nothing compared to the depression and anxiety that had weighed me down since I was young. I always find it interesting how I never had any problem whatsoever with any type of chemical substance like alcohol or drugs. It seems that the wounds I carried required a medication of the sexual type. 

Once I stepped onto this road, my addiction was gone within a few weeks. The depression and anxiety and poverty and anger gradually melted away as well and now I live a life of deep peace and joy. I am not only “still human”, I feel that I am more human than ever. I have courage for the road ahead and am so grateful for the opportunity to share this story with everyone I can. 

David Taylor


Author + Designer

I was a porn-addict for over a decade before finding redemption and healing. Now I help my brother Seth teach the principles we learned on our journey to help other men seeking freedom they can feel. 

For my day job, I work as a creative director in Anchorage, Alaska, where I live with my wife, three sons and countless mountains, glaciers and trails into the wilderness. As a family, we frequent those trails as often as possible. 

Jesus said “Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” My struggle with porn addiction eventually led me down the path of debilitating depression and suicidal thoughts. But the healing described in this video series was no miracle. It was a gift for any person who seeks sustainable answers and desires a life of abundance. 

Adam Palmer


Writer + Musician

I’m Adam Palmer, a writer, a former pastor, a musician, and a recovering know-it-all. I talk about movies way too much, but that’s okay because my kids are into movies, too, so at least we have something to talk about. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my wife and my five kids, which in some ways is just flat-out incredible because I thought I was going to lose them all about ten years ago when I finally came clean about my porn problem. See, I was exposed to porn at a very early age, and that completely warped the way I saw the opposite sex. My childhood and adolescence was a near-constant struggle to find a healthy way to interact with the young women I knew and not let my mind run rampant; it didn’t always work. I fell into the hole for a couple of years until God’s grace, my exhaustion, and my wife’s forgiveness lifted me out. Today, I’m walking proud but still with a limp.

Jason Shafer



My name is Jason, and I’m an an avid cyclist, marathon runner, and Ironman. When the internet came along and provided an instant, free, and seemingly untraceable way to see whatever I wanted, I started to struggle with porn. I began my journey to see victories and heal from porn addiction back in 2008, when my addiction threatened to end my marriage. Thankfully, my wife and I grew through those moments and we’re now living in the Southern California desert, where I work as a music pastor for our church. Together, we adopted our son, and are fostering to adopt our next child through the local county. I joined this pilgrimage to see what next steps I could take to gain more freedom from this addiction.

Ryan Russell



I’m Ryan Russell, the CEO of X3watch internet accountability software and a self-taught, quasi-Jedi who builds organizations and leaders by knowing a thing or two about preparation, planning, and disciplined follow-through. My full measure of determination was given to overcoming the entanglement of pornography in my early twenties. Through a mentoring relationship with a close friend, I learned how to go beyond a desire for change and a white-knuckle approach to recovery by opening my life up to others. I’m honored to share any portions of my life that will help other men and woman find the courage and the resolve to take the epic journey towards a life unchained from the clutches of pornography and sexual addictions.

What Are You Medicating?


Session 1 features the story of co-author David Taylor. In this video, David discusses the questions that led him to a journey beyond sobriety; one where he was asking what the nature of true freedom was. What he discovered was that the problem was never the porn – that was just the medication for the problem. The real question was, what was he medicating?



In this session, Adam and Jason discuss how the language we use protects us from our unconscious suffering. Through sharing some of his story, Adam shows us what he’s learned about trying to hear the true meaning behind what someone is saying, rather than co-opting the words they use to mean the things we want or need him or her to mean. In this way, we begin to deconstruct the things that keep us in our internal prisons – and we open to a new way of understanding the world, God, and ourselves.



Seth Taylor teaches about the unconscious nature of belief. Through his own story and lens, he describes how, when he was still an addict, he came to the realization that what he believed either didn’t matter, had no actual power, or had simply failed him. So he began to ask what he believed and why in a whole new way – and more importantly started to ask about what the nature of belief actually is.

The Function Of Belief


In this session, David and Adam dive into the deep unconscious motivations we carry and how they manifest in what we say we believe…and what we actually believe. Peeling back the layers of how belief functions in human consciousness just might hold the keys to finding the true path to freedom, but it could also be painful and difficult. This session provides hope and courage for what could prove to be a difficult leg of the pilgrimage.



On the pilgrimage towards freedom, vulnerability is key. In this session, Jason opens up to David, asking some new questions about what it means to betriggered, and how this internal experience can help us locate the pain that lies deep within us, waiting for medication. Focusing on the healing of repressed emotional energy, David teaches how to locate that pain and to begin to heal that pain.



The question of whether we have any actual authority in our lives is an important one, especially for those of who carry a belief system that claims authority over all darkness. Session 6 sees Adam and Seth engaging in a discussion about what it looks like to be people who walk in the light, but seem to live in the shadows. Through stories from his life, Adam asks what it might look like to take the authority back and live in a whole new strength.



Maybe freedom is less about what you know or don’t know and more about what you see or don’t see. In this video, David and Ryan have a powerful discussion about what it means to look behind the spiritual curtain and seek out a “peace that transcends understanding.”



Session 8 is about asking the deeper questions as to what our sexuality actually is and what was it meant for. Ryan and Seth engage in a conversation about sexuality that strips away the suppression and sinful labels and simply looks at what it means to be sexual beings created in the image of a loving Creator. The ideas they discuss are surprising, beautiful, and helpful in anyone’s quest for a healthier sexuality.



Applying all of the things that have been learned, in this video, David and Jason take a look at spiritual practices that can help bring about a new life by awakening the Spirit within each of us – and showing us a way forward. Processing is a type of meditative practice that helps us move trapped emotional energy out of the body so that we can wake to a better internal experience of life, God, and others.



As a conclusion to the series, Seth Taylor gives a teaching from the Bible about what it means to be “born of the Spirit” and how to live in this truth as we move forward into the journey of pilgrimage. The path is a sacred one and God is with us on the road. This video offers a blessing for the journey.

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bonus 1

Four My Pilgrimage Live Sessions: Interactive Teachings from An Alaskan Experience

How-To-Meditate_smallThe Alaskan Pilgrimage is a series of interactive and conversational teachings from Craig Gross and Seth and David Taylor, with men who’ve experienced the low valleys of addiction and the high mountaintops of freedom together. These four bonus teachings explore what it means when pain becomes a trigger for self-medication, and how to walk the road past that cycle of despair through prayer, meditation, processing and community.

bonus 2

Transforming Your Mind: Deepen Your Resolve and Expand Your Thinking with Our Entire Library


  • Book No. 01: Naked and Unashamed – A deeply personal, no-holds-barred conversation between husband and wife about pornography, addiction and guilt, and the why? that connects them.

  • Book No. 02: Pastors & Porn – A resource for leaders stuck in the bondage of “perfection,” your freedom to fail, and your permission to be transformed.

  • Book No. 03: Students & Porn – Five essential principles for parents approaching the question of teenagers and pornography.

  • Book No. 04: Small Group Study – A group resource to help structure the therapeutic approach of addressing addiction through My Pilgrimage.

bonus 3

Words For Your Journey: The Complete and Unabridged Feels Like Redemption Audiobook (as read by the author, himself)

How-To-Meditate_smallNot everyone loves reading. Or maybe you feel like you don’t have enough time to sit down and read a book. Or maybe you’re just more of an auditory learner. Maybe you’ve got a long work commute and you’re sick of the radio. Maybe you’d like to take a literal walk and ponder your pilgrimage with headphones out in the open air.  

Books like this can’t be narrated by just anybody. Seth took it upon himself to make sure this journey is communicated with clarity, and all of the passion that went into the process. You’re invited to listen in, and join him on the road to redemption.

bonus 4

The Soundtrack for Your Journey: A Private Music Playlist Curated Specifically for Travelers on the Road to Redemption

How-To-Meditate_small“Music can change the world because it can change people.” - Bono  

The journey to freedom is not silent. There is a lot of noise. Our addictions hold bullhorns. They shout promises that tempt us from the sides of the road. When you sign up for My Pilgrimage, you’ll have exclusive access to a specially curated Spotify music playlist to help you drown out the noise on your Road To Redemption.

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We’re Better Together: Walk Alongside Other Travelers in our Private Facebook Group

How-To-Meditate_smallWe don’t believe that this journey is meant to be taken alone. When you sign up for My Pilgrimage, you’ll get access to our private Facebook group. Take the opportunity to connect with other travelers on the road to redemption and be encouraged on your journey toward freedom you can feel.